Kids Said, I Said. Story

My name is Julie Tsai and I’m a business owner, mother to three beautiful daughters, and illustrator. I studied at the University of Kyoto Seika in the Faculty of Manga Cartooning in Japan. After graduating from university, I worked in Japan for four years as a designer of women’s shoes. After getting married and having my children, I began to paint, recording the humor and warmth of life on paper. I started Julie’s Art Corner, drawing custom family illustrations and designing commercial cartoon characters. With the encouragement of friends, I created the illustrations for the notebook KIDS SAID, I SAID.

My name is Anita Fu.  I am a full-time mom to two handsome boys and a handsome husband.  I am also the proud Founder/Owner of Mommy Brain Creatives Inc. I graduated from the University of British Columbia with degrees in Psychology and Family Science.  I have also studied Graphic and Advertising Design at Langara College.  I like being an inventor/designer by turning ideas into reality. I love the feeling of creating something from nothing and seeing the joy my products bring to my customers. Knowing I make the lives of my fellow parents easier is very fulfilling.

This Notebook, KIDS SAID, I SAID. started with a casual morning phone call between the two of us. Although physically located in two different places, we began to plan how to design such a book for all children to leave a precious record of their memories. Half a year, and many emails back and forth later, the KIDS SAID, I SAID. Notebook was born! We hope you like it!